Blogging for Self-Reflection and Sharing

Engaging in blog writing enriches my thinking and fosters the exchange of knowledge.

During the early stages of my Ph.D. career, I found myself overwhelmed as I delved into the intricate and enigmatic connections found within stochastic differential equations, partial differential equations, dynamical systems, functional analysis, and geometry. I was on the verge of giving up until I came across a series of enlightening slides and blogs that brought clarity to my thoughts.


Feynman ever said that

What I Cannot Create, I Do Not Understand.

Many intriguing formulas and theorems may seem deceptively simple solely based on their names, but their true essence is revealed when we meticulously write them down and analyze the details step by step. Maintaining a blog not only helps me organize my thoughts but also allows me to delve deeper into my understanding.

Blogs v.s. Papers

The pursuit of knowledge has motivated me to utilize publishing as a means of continuous learning. However, the pressures associated with publishing and the emphasis on novelty sometimes lead papers astray from their original purpose.

If we confine ourselves solely to reading published works, we may find ourselves lost amidst an ocean of countless novel ideas, while the most crucial ones remain inadequately comprehended by young researchers like myself. Inspired by the numerous enlightening blogs, which I listed in my github page, I decided to maintain a blog to express appreciation for renowned findings.


Thank you, Nan Jiang, Gregory Gundersen, and ChatGPT, for your assistance and suggestions in building this cool website.

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